General Terms & Conditions

1. The online reservation of winter sport equipment with Sport Montafon implies the approval of our General Terms & Conditions, explained below:

2. The rental price is only valid on consecutive days.

3. Unfavorable conditions or other interferences do not relieve from paying the rental price.

4. The following rule applies when customer is injured or sick by medical report:
a. Immediate return of rental equipment
b. No charging of the rental price from issue date of medical report
c. Credit respectively money refund from issue date of medical report for the remaining already paid rental days.

5. When you miss to bring a medical report in case of injury or sickness, you will have to pay the total rental price.

6. The transfer to third parties is forbidden.

7. The rental equipment is insured against breakage. When stolen, a report to the police is required and the following cost sharing applies:
a. EUR 480.00 for Superior class
b. EUR 350.00 for Premium class
c. EUR 250.00 for Economy class
d. EUR 20.00 for poles
For all other rental objects the present value has to be paid. The cost sharing above applies only with adduced police report; otherwise the present value has to be replaced.

8. You have the option to insure your rental equipment by paying 10% of the rental price per rental object for the duration of your lease. With this there is no cost sharing in case of a liability case for the person insured.

9. Insurance conditions
a. When rental equipment is stolen, you have to make immediate report at the local police station.
b. Without local police notification the insurance coverage is not valid.
c. Insurance coverage is valid after the entire insurance rate is paid.
d. The insurance is valid 14 days starting the first day of rent and for all equipment rented from Sport Montafon by the person insured.
e. The insurance coverage is individual-related and cannot be transferred to a third party.
f. When stolen out of immovable rooms (e.g. ski cellar), the insurance is invalid.
g. The insurance coverage is only valid within the cablecar hours of operation.
h. When willfully damaged, the costs of repair are charged.

10. Rentals after 3.00 p.m. are not charged until the next calendar day.

11. Itís the renterís duty to store the equipment so that mix up or theft is prevented. At night the equipment must be kept in a closed ski cellar at the accommodation or in a closed car.

12. By sending respectively finishing the online rental process the renter confirms the correctness and completeness of his/her personal data, which serves the professional bindings adjustment. The renter is not allowed to change independently the bindings adjustment made by the Sport Montafon specialist.

13. The equipment rented has to be returned and scanned at the return-desk. Equipment which is stored is considered to be lent.

14. For accidents of all kinds Sport Montafon assumes no liability.

15. The rental price is determined by chosen class and rental period according to Sport Montafon rental price list. All prices are including tax at the official current rate.

16. Payment method
Ogone leads the security of the payment transaction and commits to protection of secrets (employing decryption) as well as its use.
The customer can pay the rental price with credit card (MASTERCARD or VISA) online. In this case he or she has to fill in the credit card number, the expiry date and card security code. Additional individual fees resulting from paying with credit card (such as exchange rate linked bank charges, bank commission etc.) are paid by the customer. These fees comply with possible fees, which only can raised by the customers bank for using the credit card. The bank card net approval potentiates the customers booking on the website. When the bank card net refuses the customerís booking we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. During the payment transaction the customer is automatically connected to the transaction operating centerís server. The credit cards are cryptographically secured and do not go through Sport Montafons systems and therefore are not safed.

17. Safe payment with credit card
The credit card number and the expiry date are encoded and are transferred through a safe (SSL) server to the specialized company and are never passed on to Sport Montafon.

18. Conclusion of contract
The reservation is completed and only valid with receipt of payment of the complete rental price with Sport Montafon. The customer receives an electronic notice which contains the reservation confirmation. The confirmation is to be printed out and showed at the shop.

19. Cancellation policy
The customer owns a right of withdrawal of 7 days from date of reservation. In case the period ends on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the period extends until the next working day.

20. Right of withdrawal
In case of the customer makes use of the right of withdrawal within the 7 days period, the money already paid is retransferred to the customer after deduction of 10% of the total amount. The refund is carried out on the credit card used.

21. Cancelation before start of the rental period and at the end of the right of withdrawal
Every cancelation before start of rental period leads to payback of the rental price after deduction of 20% cancelation fee. The refund is carried out on the credit card used.

22. Cancelation after picking up the rental equipment
In case of sickness or accident within the rental period, the rental conditions stay valid. Solely the material of the person concerned can be returned and calculated according the effectively used days (only with medical report and return of the rental equipment).

23. Cancelation due to weather conditions
In case of complete close-down of the ski area available and only in this case, the rental period concerned will be refunded. An announcement by the ski area officials is necessary. The refund is carried out on the credit card used.

24. Personal data
Sport Montafon processes customerís personal data cause-related and according the legal requirements. The data transmitted for booking purposes are used to fulfill and conduct the contract. This data is used confidentially and not transferred to a third party, which is not part of the booking-, delivering- or payment process.

25. Place of jurisdiction is Schruns, Austria.